Doing the trick

Yes, you guessed it right. Sex is the key indeed. Morning sex is nothing special, but waking up ten minutes before him, bringing a cup of coffee and waking some parts of him first and only then offering a morning coffee was explosive.

This is a great option as long as you do not mind oral (and particularly not immediately after the shower). I am totally fine with this now so I thought I should try. Needless to say I do sometimes stay overnight with my SD so I am used to not dressing up first thing in the morning, but morning sex has always been his initiative (maybe with a little tip from me, but still he always is the decision maker).

This time I suddenly woke up myself and realised he is still asleep. Since I was so happy and grateful (and yes, indebted) for a wonderful trip, I decided to get the coffee for us both and then wake him by blowing the coffee smell at him.

Once the coffee was brought, I changed my mind. He was so helpless and so exasperating that my mind threw an idea I secretly thought of, but never tried before. I ducked and crawled trying to not disturb him. Once I reached his mate I gently kissed it and slowly increased the amplitude to let him arise naturally. And (huh) it worked. I wasn’t very comfortable, but I did my best to not push him in any way and only swallowed it fully when it was half way up.

I only do not know when he woke up. Moaning and groaning started long before he did (I checked). I was busy and I only noticed him awake when he called my name. Being busy I took some time to look up and his appearance was worth every single inch of his cock I have ever taken in. A mixture of excitement and yet surprise (why – this is far not the first time I have given him head). Anyway, the delight increased when I offered a cup of coffee while returning to my duties.

But hey, blowing a man, who has just woke up seems to be simple. I do not know what exactly did the trick. Maybe a combination of the coffee and the orgasm, or it was a mixture of gentle wake up and brilliant weather… But it was a damn hard phallus and an incredible amount of semen. I nearly spilled it.

It wasn’t so fiery after that, however. Still great, but not that intense. We both knew what to expect thus missing the WOW-part of the action, but it still worked perfectly every day except one when he woke up before. When I woke up he offered me coffee and nodded down.


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