Sleepless night

Image by baddiefull@tumblr

Well, shit happens sometimes. And while still enjoying life and looking shiny and perfect all-around, I also have some sad moments from time to time. Basically this is what has happened last week. I had a hard time at work and my sugaring has proved to bend the way I am not excited about. There also are some deeply personal issues so I felt miserable, worried and lonely.

I could not sleep properly and spend time with a couple of books and my phone. The messengers kept sending my online status to the Universe and some contacts popped up from time to time to drop a few lines.

Most were trash (maybe they were not, but I was too upset to feel anything else), but one hooked me and we kept on a pretty pointless chat which eventually lasted long enough and had a few unexpected twists.

Well… Never underestimate the power of the night talks. Thank you so much. I do feel much better now.


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