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There is always some special feeling about using a condom. It is somehow this weird thing which people find hard to discuss. Hey, you are going to stick a part of you into someone and you are having troubles about condoms?

But well, this still does happen and if any standard relationship is a place where both parties are entitled to care sugaring is very different.

On one hand I am supposed to take good care of my SD and make him as comfortable as I can. True, but on the other hand I do need to take care of myself as well. Not only in terms of pregnancy or STDs, but my own comfort too.

I personally do find it quite hard to relax when I am not extra familiar with all bits and pieces of my man. This obviously takes time and there are times when we sleep before I get to this stage. So yes, I do tend to use a condom.

There are exceptions, but they are rare. I usually do insist promising to be a good girl and as soon as I know him better to get rid of it. Most agree. They are pretty reasonable people otherwise we won’t get to this stage. Yet another very convincing method is an offer to put it on myself. If this does not work – I can do it with my lips…

Some say that they do never use it and they need to get the most of what they pay for. Most of such declarations are made on the very first date. Which is good. Salt has never been pleasant to meet.

For others I do have a variety in my bag. Latex-free, extra thin and flavoured, ribbed and dotted… I do take care of it myself and to be honest I never met a SD who offered one. I am not sure if this is because they never have it or they do not want to put it on. They never offered so I know where to look for one.

Be careful. And take care. 🙂


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