Dress pros and cons

Image from herveleger.com

Thinking about something like Herve Leger for sugar dating. There is little chance I may use it elsewhere, but after the initial wow-time, I am not restraining myself to being more conservative.

There are way too many weird things I have done while sugaring and I wonder if such a dress should be added to the list. But I am afraid it is a bit over the line. There are some very brave options and something which is a lot more common-looking. But once you opt for something of a kind – why restrain yourself?


2 thoughts on “Dress pros and cons

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    1. It is. This make is quite out of the usual trend. Yet this is what makes it attractive. I wonder what it looks like from the other side. Got your impression and yep, it does indeed.

      To me, they combine wearable look (unlike many of the top designers) and still an unusual print or look.

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