Artistic sugaring – part 6

Yes we are still playing this game, but we both seem to be kind of tired of it. The time is coming though and I will soon be presented as a trophy to his friends. I think it is the best outcome of it now.

Even sex is not that attractive now. It has never been the centre of this relationship, but it always spices every dry valley. It didn’t that much here. Sad, but true. I wonder why. So far my best guess is being used to each other. Normally people will split up when they get too far into this state, but since we couldn’t we just kept on.

Passionless and mechanical. Making love like a chore… We quickly passed the stage of being intrigued by each other (well, let me be fair here – I never was anyway). Neither we saw each other as a future partner or planned anything. So there was no reason for the great sex left.

This is a real downside of sugaring. Should (?) probably write about this later… I am passionate and sex is always an escape from a trouble for me. But just not this time. I should play this game to an end and retreat happily.


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