Hotel story

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This story needs to be told one day. I do feel it has to be spoken out and if anyone manages to recognise themselves I have to confess I was hot all that brave and ignorant to all that as well. I just tried to not show it.

Basically it is a story of me fighting with my daemons. I have already told you that I am quite shy generally and sugaring does put a lot of stress on me.

I was just beginning my sugaring career and eventually ended up in the hotel with my SD. Needless to say we ended up in the bed and I actually had some trouble waking his bro. It all was fine soon, but I got some dry lips and mouth so after we had sex I asked for the champagne. This was my idea of chic then, I suppose. Or that was a way to relax…

Stupid thing, I agree, but I was so novice and so stressed then. Wanted to ask for something stronger, but did not dare to. I still barely drink on the dates, but I was desperate then.

We both planned to go on further and in fact he asked me for the oral with the champagne after he gets some rest. So I knew it was pretty pointless to dress up. Thus I never got properly dressed to get the order. I went for the hotel robe first and then opened the door for the champagne guy.

Well, I screwed with the oral. šŸ˜¦ I still have not properly figured out how to make it. Any hints BTW? The rest was fine, I did my best to compensate for the failure. Anyway the bottle was gone, I was damn stressed and I wanted the strawberry.

The order was made, but by that time I got too excited and too stressed to think at all. So when the bell rang I simply got up and went for it. Just the way I was.

Poor guy tried to do his best to not fall. He did not say a word. All he managed was to smile looking somewhere in the air. I wish I had a chance to explain myself later, but I never got back to the place.

Honestly I believe he has seen a lot of such things. And quite possibly he was not as shocked as I was when I realised what I have done. I caught some glances in my back when I was leaving next morning, but apart from that this was it for them. I walked out proudly and as if it was planned, but I was shaking for a few days afterwards. Then I thought that at least the guy has something to remember. So be it.


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                    1. I thought it is kind of obvious. On one hand I was flashing naked in front of a stranger. I do not think any reasonable girl will be happy to do so. So I was ashamed and did not enjoy being seen like this,
                      On the other hand I changed and overcame myself. Being with a man like this in the hotel was stressful and I can say I was good despite my nervousness. And being generally shy, I did not fall unconscious when I realised I am not dressed. This did add to my self-esteem. Which is great and this is what I feel proud of.

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