Try to look natural

Image from classyguys@tumblr

It is a very strange feeling when I start noticing girls behaving way too unnatural for the circumstances. It normally ends up with them being too loud, too excited or too close to their dates.

I am certainly not trying to teach them life. If their dates love it – fair enough, but it is often too striking and I also know I’ve been praised for being natural. So I can write it here for anyone who might be interested.

It is very common to believe that to click things with a man you need to play along his lines. And this is generally true. I can barely think of a man who is going to fall for a woman contradicting everything he says and does. But there are nuances (as always). We all are different and unless he is stupid and/or looking for a Barbie he also understands that not every word of his will be agreed by you. If you nod all the time and say: ‘yes, Master‘ it will only bring suspicions.

Besides, (and this is very natural and obvious) you will try to cover your real feelings by the level of your voice and exaggerated mimics. Which will inevitably become obvious. Remember how many girls you have seen who are laughing too loud… That’s it (not always, but quite often). The same is with your posture. Tension inside brings totally unnatural positions.

So be yourself. Play a little, but do not be afraid to disagree. The best possible way is to give another similar object. If you hear ‘I am a great fan of MacLeish’ don’t be scared to say ‘I am not’ but add ‘I prefer Fitzgerald’.

And hey, value yourself. Finance stability is one thing, wasting your time with a redneck is another.


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