The downside

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It is in fact a pretty sad day. I thought I am used to people being offensive and even rude, but these were strangers.

Basically I have just had a row with one of the friends I had for quite a while. Not a close friend, but certainly someone quite special. He knew a few things I would not share elsewhere and this probably led him to the conclusions I could not stand.

He knows about me sugaring and I have always thought that he is reasonable enough to take it as is without making any further conclusions. Well, he is not. We started in a pretty neutral manner, but all of a sudden he stated that I must stay in the kitchen and all women are good for is staying at home and pleasing their husband.

To say I was shocked is really to say nothing. I thought he was drunk. Then I thought I misunderstood him. Then I took it as a spoof. But no. He damn means it.

He seriously believes that my main goal is to know how to cook and please my future husband. He takes sugaring as a preparation for the latter (although I’d better be a virgin, but ok, he is a modern chap and accepts my frivolous behaviour). And he was amused by the fact that I am not seeing myself as a chef and do not even know how to cook a special local dish from the place I grew up.

I tried to explain that the medieval times are kind of over and we are now living in a slightly different world, but he seemed so amused that I am opposing him, that we both left shocked.

We came back to this talk in a couple of days. Honestly I thought this was a bad dream and there is something I misunderstood. I still can’t believe it. He really thinks so…

I am shocked. I barely find words to express the emotional stress and disgust. Need to calm down and then think it over.


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            1. He certainly did, but that’s no problem. Like I said, I am 100% tolerant to any weird ideas as long as they concern the person sharing them and are not dangerous for the society.
              What I felt as being wrong is imposing these medieval thoughts on me. He also possibly treats his girlfriends the same way (I never asked why is he single, but I may have the answer now), which is kind of none of my business, but for me it is like meeting a total weirdo or a time traveller trying to prophet that the earth stands on the elephants resting on top of the turtle…

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