There seem to be quite a few people reading this blog now. And I have a question to you all. What do you think about (excessive) styling. Particularly eyes and (mostly) eyebrows.

The photo above is a nice and non-aggressive style. While many of our fellow SBs and girls in general prefer something like:

Or even go further:

There is a certain amount of freedom involved, of course. Depends where you go and what light there is going to be. But still, don’t you find it exaggerated? Too artificial?

Need to ask my men about this.


2 thoughts on “Styling

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  1. The trouble is this is a tattoo. You can’t really change it afterwards.
    I surely know about more ‘aggressive’ make-up for special occasions (bright lights as on the stage and so on), yet making a permanent make-up like this seems limiting for less formal dates. I can hardly imagine an intimate date with as much light as on the stage – so the make-up may be excessive.


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