Looking back

Didn’t I say that I love corsets?

I still think they are beautiful. Both with the dress to go out and with the lingerie to stay in. The latter sometimes may mean that I won’t be totally naked in bed, but this is a minor drawback (if at all).

There recently was yet another proof of proper men loving proper (and classy) things. There is someone, who doesn’t know about my attraction to corsets. Not that I make any secret of it – it just never came to the scope of our conversations. Having him nearby I do feel free and very easy going. Just like him in fact. So we were walking down the street after the restaurant recently and while having a little chat ended up near the lingerie shop.

Yes, you got it right now. He started this talk and talked me into trying to wear a corset (I hope I did not fail myself by knowing too much for him to know this is not going to be the first time I will lace myself). I refused to buy anything in the stock so I will soon be going somewhere to be measured for the handmade custom corset.



29 thoughts on “Looking back

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    1. I hope so. I hope they do have something exquisite on offer, but I need to get ready to think of something myself.
      My main aim so far is to keep him thinking that wearing a corset is his idea, not mine. πŸ™‚

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                    1. I still feel very uneasy about such things and such talks. It is better to discuss it beforehand, but I am always tense when discussing what can be done with me and what not.
                      The talk like ‘I’d like you to wear what I prepare for you. It may be open or restricting. Tell me what you don’t accept’ puts me numb. Trading myself is still not my strongest part.

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                    2. I’ve just read your recent post about it. I’d say that it’s ok to try new things, but if it doesn’t agree with you, set boundaries. But the notion of wearing a transparent bra fascinates me. πŸ™‚


                    3. Besides, what can go wrong with a costume play that is only happening because of a costume? Sex has nothing to do with that – we were sharing a bed before. I guess a costume may only add some spice.

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