Say yes to the dress

Image by picsofcosplay@tumblr

Well, I have finally made a move and agreed to try one day.

It has been a totally weird date, because I knew I should say yes and still I was somehow uneasy as if I was offering something bad. In fact knowing that it was not my idea initially made me feel a lot easier on one hand. But then knowing that ultimately our dating is about him willing to agree me wearing something I always considered the attribute of people so very different from myself added a lot of stress to the talk.

I have evolved since that times. And in many aspects thanks to this man. I do really appreciate his gentle approach now. I was truly scared at first. I have never thought about getting into the topic. And he (although nearly scared me out of this) made me feel it is fine.

I am not going to say all we talked about was roleplaying. It was kind of a hidden line in our conversation, yet still visible. I am used to a different approach in costume games. My goal has always been to tease and provoke my man. This is mostly done by stockings, high heels and transparent bras, while here the accent is shifted aside. It still is teasing, but it involves an extra feature that I have never used (and even though of) before.

I am still nervous. Saying ‘yes’ is not the same as actually being part of the game. Still, I do remind myself that after my step into sugaring thus effectively agreeing to use my body as an asset, such adjustments are something much smaller on a broader scale of using myself for someone’s pleasure.


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