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If (when) I ever get married, I will probably be the worst bride ever in terms of picking the dress. Sure, we all dream about one of those and imagine ourselves being a princess. I have been through so much pretending and roleplay, that I am likely to get to the extremes. Either a white lingerie or a fully covering dress. I guess it will depend on how much the groom will know about me…

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                    1. Oh, this is a difficult question. I think so. In fact I am a normal girl, who would like to get married despite all my habits and preferences. But I am unsure what to do with my past, if it needs to be discovered or not, about my attraction to girls – will I have to get over it or include it into the marriage… And so many other things…


                    2. I know you’re a normal woman, but you have to courage to enjoy who you are and what you want. I certainly wouldn’t hide your past. I’d embrace your past as part of who you are 😊 you’re lovely and very sensual

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                    3. Thank you for your support. It is really important for me.
                      In fact I am also using this blog to encourage myself and to find this kind of support. I can’t reveal most of my life to my friends and my family has no idea of what is going on too.
                      People have been harsh sometimes so I am kind of sorry to keep (excessive) privacy now asking for a little support. Talking about it aloud really makes life easier for me somehow. And it is hundred times better when there is any feedback. Thank you again.


                    4. Just do not leave me alone here. Maybe together we can make this world a little better. (Oh, my… Who am I to aim at that?..)
                      Still, I greatly appreciate your comments and questions. Please remember that.


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