Ridiculous change

I know it is something weird and strange. I probably have to avoid sharing this, but… in the end of the day who cares… This was the purpose of this blog.

Basically, most of the dates I have are about having sex. Let us be fair and honest here. Long talks are cool, nice meals and cool places are exciting, but it all ultimately comes to offering my body.

Unlike vanilla relationships (and even less the girly ones) there is a highly demanding party and a highly compromising party. The Daddy can ask for a lot more things than my vanilla partner and it is obviously a lot harder to refuse (still possible though). This way I got into a lot of oral, which I hated at first. This was my road to anal sex too.

We normally spend most of the time together. This way the intimate part follows naturally from the previous scene. Just like vanilla, I guess. Just with a lot more freedom for a man. However, there are exceptions when the Daddy wants something special. It may either be a fully private date when I do not have to worry about pretending to be a proper girl, or, and let us face it, sometimes we just meet for sex.

The latter is the most annoying as it leaves a feeling of just being used. But generally speaking this is what this story is all about. Men are a lot less romantic so what they need is often to simply be caressed and relieved from sexual tension. A blowjob is often exactly what is needed to release the first tension and then it goes more of a standard way.

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