Time to review the closet

Image from pinterest

I guess it is about time now. Daddies have always been nice and yet demanding, so lingerie is something that fills my closet way too fast. I know it is a weird thing to say, but I am not even sure if it is an upside or the downside really.

On one hand it is great to not worry about that. I rarely buy anything of the kind for myself. The stuff is usually nice, but sometimes Daddy needs something special. As long as he is into that he can be demanding and request things. Some are not as cool to wear as they look. Say, one of the bras I was sent was pushing the breasts too much, but I could never properly explain that. He liked it a lot…

The other side of it is that such sets are provoking questions. A friend was visiting me once and I was dumb enough to let her see that. Had a night of inventive lies afterwards trying to explain why I have 100 times more lacy knickers than jeans…

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