Artistic sugaring – part 4

Ok, the story goes on and I still do find it quite funny. We have had a few public dates where we tried to pretend to be a couple. I do feel like a spy in fact. I did learn a couple of names of his relatives and even the name of his first pet. God save me from ever using it. 🙂

But it goes fine so far. He is sharing our photos and I try to look as happy as I can. I feel a little strange, but it is Ok overall. There is one thing Continue reading “Artistic sugaring – part 4”

Pierced tongue

Hey, honeys, can anyone give me a hint on the feeling? Both parties are to be asked.

Is there anything special? Any troubles with a pierced clit or a tip? Being stuck? An overexcitement when a pierced tongue is moving across the shaft or between the lips… Is it worth a try?

Sounds weird, but I really need some advice here. Please…

Eye contact

At first I thought this should be a girls only question, but in fact it is much wider than that. Making an eye contact is vital in many cases, but I am not much interested in business ethics.

In my life there were basically two parties without intermediates. Most people I met were not particularly fond of eye contact. Yet one of my SDs is extremely excited by seeing my eyes. Continue reading “Eye contact”

Hidden desires?

I wonder if this is what glances through my mind when the dentist puts that thing into my mouth. Sure it is different, but I just wonder.

And I also wonder if this is what makes me like it so much. Apart from the personality of my doctor.

Beautiful dentist

First of all, thank you for your support. Yes. I am alive and can even speak. I am generally intact. I do smile and have already grabbed an ice cream to reward myself. This was fun because of my cheek (see below), but I couldn’t resist. Even despite that the doctor said I’d better have something warm to ease the anaesthesia.

Since this blog is mostly the place where I do reveal myself, here is another story that has not even ended yet.

Yep, I have just came back from the dentist. ‘Just now’ here stands for the fact that I barely feel my right cheek still. So the story is smoking hot. In all possible means. Continue reading “Beautiful dentist”

Manchester blast

This is indeed a nightmare. Such things should never happen.

I hope none of my friends are affected. My deepest condolences go to all who has been involved and to all Britain.

What a shame

Image by

Oh no! Just heard the report about the Cannes 2017 with a special remark about Pablo Almodovar. This is surely just a mistake, but I wonder how many of those who have heard it actually noticed anything.

In fact I had a very good chance to be there too. But had to reject a very gentle offer to fly to France. I’m just not yet ready to go any further with this man.


Like most people of my age I am still a little terrified by the dentists. Not by the pain itself, but the inability to see when something is touching me. The same happens with some sexual positions and that also makes me try to avoid them.

Anyway, I have just figured out that I need to visit a dentist. Nothing terribly wrong, but I’d better go than make things worse (I believe). So it took me hell of a bravery to give them a call and to arrange the meeting.

Basically I have a few days to scare myself to death before I get over this. Please hold my hand someone…

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