Try to look natural

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It is a very strange feeling when I start noticing girls behaving way too unnatural for the circumstances. It normally ends up with them being too loud, too excited or too close to their dates.

I am certainly not trying to teach them life. If their dates love it – fair enough, but it is often too striking and I also know I’ve been praised for being natural. So I can write it here for anyone who might be interested. Continue reading “Try to look natural”

Hotel story

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This story needs to be told one day. I do feel it has to be spoken out and if anyone manages to recognise themselves I have to confess I was hot all that brave and ignorant to all that as well. I just tried to not show it.

Basically it is a story of me fighting with my daemons. I have already told you that I am quite shy generally and sugaring does put a lot of stress on me.

I was just beginning my sugaring career and eventually ended up in the hotel with my SD. Continue reading “Hotel story”

Secret confession

Since I am taking this blog quite personally and still intimately-revealing, I thought it is the best place to refer to writing now, when I have just came back from a party and feel sleepless and slightly drunk. Better here than anywhere else. Even if I delete this post tomorrow it will ease me now. Because it is about alcohol. There are four stages I pass through when drinking.

The first is totally sober and adequate. We all are there most of the time. (I hope so). The second is nice and easy yet fully controlled. Nothing I’d later be ashamed of. The easiness of the conversation comes and I even managed to speak some long-forgotten languages. The third one is short, but dangerous. Continue reading “Secret confession”

Artistic sugaring – part 6

Yes we are still playing this game, but we both seem to be kind of tired of it. The time is coming though and I will soon be presented as a trophy to his friends. I think it is the best outcome of it now.

Even sex is not that attractive now. It has never been the centre of this relationship, but it always spices every dry valley. It didn’t that much here. Sad, but true. I wonder why. So far my best guess is being used to each other. Normally people will split up when they get too far into this state, but since we couldn’t we just kept on. Continue reading “Artistic sugaring – part 6”


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Dear J., thank you so much for your message. I wish to sincerely thank you for your support now. I thought about replying privately, but then decided to share it here.

It is always nice to get a message like this. It probably means I am not totally wrong by spilling myself out to this blog. Some say other things, but feeling your support I get extra determination to keep going.

Love and hugs.

P.S. Wow how funny it is to have two posts in a row referring to someone hidden behind one letter. I have just noticed that and (just to avoid confusion) need to say these are two different people. I wonder what is the best way to distinguish between the two if I ever have to refer to either of them.

Do not trespass

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Amazingly many people have come to this blog to teach me life without being asked for their opinion. I was kind of ready for this and it does not bother me too much. One of the commenters had apparently changed attitude and is now not so aggressive. This is great. Keep going, J.

There is another strange group however. They ask for my contacts, photos (preferably intimate) and offer a date (some go much further).

Dear all, Continue reading “Do not trespass”

Special feature

Honeys, am I the only one having troubles with my man culminating while I am helping him with the condom?

I had it first when I used my mouth. And I thought I was too insistent to cause this. But I had the same thing again the usual way. Predicting the questions – I did give him some rest before. Just did not manage to stop quickly enough during the process.

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