The male experiment

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Well, the male experiment is agreed and arranged. It is not my Daddy. Just a very trustworthy and (I hope) reliable friend of mine. I thought I should take one step at a time. There is less flexibility if I surrender my bottom to him. So I opted for an approach which leaves me easier escape if needed. Besides I do like the guy. 🙂

He knows about my sugaring and he also was Continue reading “The male experiment”


Back seam stockings

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Here I am again with another funny discussion. Let me know if I am exploiting your tolerance too much.

It all started with a friend first and then shifted to crushing and disturbing my mind. I was visiting a friend of mine and we were having that easy talk we all are so familiar with. A discussion about movies (why do I remember that so clearly) then suddenly slipped to stockings. She said she has got a new set which her partner is totally knocked out by.

I certainly wanted to see it. You can not really forget about such a mighty weapon, can you? Continue reading “Back seam stockings”

Just a staged photo

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Sorry all. I have just bumped into this photo and I could not resist sharing it here.

Whatever it is, staged or not (undoubtedly is), I am totally in love. You know I am a lace person too and I have seen lace masks before, but this one caught me. I am ready to wear one for the one who dare to offer it.

I am just too emotional here. Probably should not be, but I can not stop myself.

The first real try

I am not really sure I should be sharing this, but without naming anyone, I should say it was more than great.

Nervous at start (I did not manage to let her know all I want to try), we finally relaxed enough to take everything easy and smooth. I felt obliged to perform before asking for my own desires, so I was nervously hot. She noticed it and (how great it is of her) calmed me so that I enjoyed the first part nearly as much as she did.

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So damn cool

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Something is special about such dresses. They do not necessarily need to be exposing or obviously sexy. They emit sexiness by themselves somehow. By pure presence.

I do not yet have any of those. But I am so fascinated by them that I am sure I will end up having one some day. Be it a present or my own decision. The latter may mean something more reasonable, but I will not feel anything but lust in it anyway.

Does anyone have any experience with PVC/latex? Any suggestions before I did anything stupid? Pros and cons are most welcome, of course.



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I have already said I have got a new toy. And even though I am still not using it as often as I possibly should (and can) I am still not leaving it alone.

The basic reason for training was to get more control over my vaginal muscles. All I wanted was to keep it quiet until someone notices. So it took quite some time. Maybe because I was not trying hard enough, or my partners were not paying any attention.

But last night I finally got a reaction Continue reading “Appreciation”

Still dreaming

May I please… Whatever and wherever. I need it so much now.

My dream has not evolved much since last year. It is still vivid and attractive. Yet I am so tired pursuing it without much luck so far. There have been things that have suddenly happened after I cried for it.

So I do now. I need a sailing holiday with my man!


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It takes some time to get used to a new role. Sugaring is no different here. A common understanding is that all is required is simply being nice and making Daddy comfortable. Well, I am not pretending to be an expert, but I believe there is more.

Sure some Daddies are joining the bowl for a relationless sex. They do grab a lovely girl and do not go any further than having sex of their preference. I’d probably say this is more of an escort if not anything else, but let these people have their own understanding. I had some dates with the POTs who made an impression of looking for this kind of relationship. Did not work. So leave it.

I have always thought Continue reading “Modesty”

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