Thoughts for the future

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Call me spoiled, but I like the look. It is undoubtedly staged, but what I think is if there is any real way to exploit it?

Such appearance requires hell of preparation and can be spoiled by the smallest detail gone wrong. Still I am sure it is going to be explosive if it works. The only thing is where to get time and place for it… Shall I ask for a time delay on the next date?


Dentist again

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Planning another go now. Both scared and excited. I have never gone for a girl which I am not 100% sure of, but this is the case. How did you say? Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity?

Should I aim for a man, it would have been a thousand times easier. You are so predictable and readable. Besides there is little chance you won’t like a girl. Yet this is a different attempt.

So far I plan to wear something excitingly nice and either try to talk her into the dressing talk, or to see how she reacts on seeing me like this. Please keep fingers crossed for me unless you have a better idea of the first move.

In fact, guys, I do need your advice now.

Girly talks: trying to be smart

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Yet another session has come to an end. Super-seriousness is proclaimed a wrong idea, but to share it here some history has to be added.

Imagine a nice girl. Certainly not stupid, but very reserved. Scared to make mistakes (for many reasons including not being taught how to deal with the consequences). Anyway, she is dating a guy and she is so afraid to do something wrong that she is always so tense that he starts to feel it too. Continue reading “Girly talks: trying to be smart”

Mighty weapon

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Happiness is a very powerful tool if you know how to use it. But beware! It also strikes back!

I am not teaching here. Let us say I am amazed how many cases could end up in a totally different way if a little effort was made. I mean being (or at least looking) happy.

Let us be fair. Nobody is interested in a dull and sad company. And your SD in particular. Yes, you can (and should) discuss things, but never spoil a date unless it is something totally out of order. Take it business-like if you wish. You won’t throw a partner out if he does something wrong, will you? You will try to sort it out. And when you are hunting a man your best weapon is Continue reading “Mighty weapon”

Got it

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Scared? Sure! Despite all my preparations I am still feeling uneasy and very unprotected. I know it is weird to hear that from a sugar baby, but this is how I feel. In fact so many things I do require a lot of strength and pushing inside. Having sex blindfolded is something I was not being asked for by my SDs, but rather what I feel like trying myself.

I was thinking about it for a while, but since I am a true coward so it always takes a lot of time even for myself to convince myself. An external stimulus is often a key. So I had one. Continue reading “Got it”

High waist

What do you think? It has never appealed to me for some reason, but a high waist skirt may be a striking component for going out.

It adds the curvature and stresses it by not making a visual break at the waist. And such skirt makes your beautiful legs longer and more attractive regardless of your desire to flash.

Men, am I right? Or am I turning into a nun already?

What a (shaving) surprise

The Universe is listening. What else can I think of now when after my complaint about the pubic hair my man has confessed that he changed some of his habits and… whoa! demonstrated a nearly bare skin.

It is still not totally bald, but it is so much nicer now. And I ended up with no tickles or hair left anywhere after thanking him for being so kind.

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