The wave

Image by Lloyd Meudell

Isn’t there something attractive in this wave?

There are millions of similar photos, but I have never seen a parallel pattern like this…


Oral continued in sugaring

Oral is a very special thing for me somehow. It has indeed been hard for me to get used to, to accept it and to like it. I tried to explain what was so deeply inside me that I never actually structured it this way.

Now having all this written I am tempted to think about blow jobs in sugaring. I feel it to be different from anything else simple because of the shift of roles.

There is always some freedom in usual relationship where (given the respect to each other) you may slide through or completely avoid something you do not feel comfortable about. My sugaring is different. I am pleasing my Daddy the way he prefers it. Continue reading “Oral continued in sugaring”

Ladies first

I wonder why so many stereotypes have come to life about girls. In fact they were probably born in men’s mind, for some reason not taking the differences into account.

We have recently had a strange discussion with my Daddy. It is not common for me to discuss my personal life with him, but we slipped to the topic and he showed total ignorance about girls relationships. He thinks they are pretty much like heterosexual, but just involving two girls.

Well, I can’t say I have much experience to be honest. I am sure some of my readers may well have more knowledge, but from what I had there are indeed some cases when girls simply copy their behaviour from guys. I knew one girl like that, but it nearly made me schizophrenic: a girl acting like a man still looking and dressing like a girl… I did not last long.

My favourite is a really different approach. Continue reading “Ladies first”

High up

Image by arnold-ziffel@tumblr

I have a dream… Even though it may not be as great as Martin Luther King’s, I am still pursuing it and even though I can’t see the way to reach it now, I keep it in mind.

I want to have sex on the plane. Preferably on a private one, but since there is no visible way to get hold of one, I am waiting.

What I know for sure is that every time I fly, I do get extremely excited. I suppose it is something to do with the pressure. I turn on in a split second and even had to take the bra off a few times as it starts to be too tight.

I know there is a 10000 ft club. But I am not a member yet…

Does anyone have the same problem? Or I am going to impress my Daddy by being unique?

A price for the wine

Image from les-filles-d-aphrodite@tumblr

The efforts have finally paid off. Not being a wine professional, I can now say that I have probably tasted the best wine I ever tried.

Daddy was kind enough to take me somewhere specific for wine. I mean the food was fine, but nothing out of this world. What was out of this world though are the prices in the wine list… I could never afford anything without him.

I hope he will never be reading this, but thank you anyway. I did enjoy the evening hopefully as much as you did.

Am I the only one to see?

Sorry all. I Just bumped into the pic and I wonder whether I am so spoiled or not.

Does anyone else see anything unusual there? If it is me, I promise to reveal the story how I failed similarly. If not – your turn. 🙂

Still working on

Who are all those people having no troubles with it? Are they aliens?

I mean I do understand the idea perfectly and seem to know all the secrets in theory. But it just is not as smooth and easy as I need it to be.

I know it takes ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Is it the same here I wonder?


Girls (I bet it is this rare question when guys are obviously out of the scope) did you ever use the condom as a cup? Did you ever drink from it?

I have been asked if I want to try and although my first reaction was to refuse, which I did, I wonder now what if I missed something? What is the point? What is the fun?

I can understand the reason to put the condom on with your lips. Fine. But why drink the sperm from it? There are easier ways if needed.

Getting into low cars

Image from

Every time I see someone getting into a car like this I remember my first experience. I was brave enough to wear a skirt and stockings and never thought it was going to lead me into any trouble. Yet it obviously did.

I realised that I am in trouble as soon as I approached and opened the door. It was like sitting on the floor. And even if sitting inside seemed more or less fine (which it wasn’t later), getting into the car took some effort not to flash my knickers around.

And yes, I do prefer S-class to all these four-wheel bikes now.

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