Sorry all

I am sorry for being silent recently. So many things happening. Mostly good, but still taking a lot of time and efforts.

Love you all and hoping to get back soon.


This is something I quite like in fact. High on hips and plenty of tease. The top part leaves some space for imagination, but I like the way it allows access from underneath. I can easily imagine my man to come from behind and slide his hands to my boobs like that…

It is always great to know what you can do, huh… Need to find that one.

Size matters

It is a hard feeling still. Sometimes I am puzzled how does all that manage to hide inside me. Yes, I am sorry for not speaking straight. It is difficult sometimes.

I really am surprised that some of my partner’s cocks are fully in. I mean I understand how it works, but hey, it is still huge. Some almost reach my belly button on the outside. The Daddies are not a problem here. They never have anything too large for me and the biggest problem has been to get used to anal. Continue reading “Size matters”

Lace dress

Can anyone (girls probably) suggest any place to look for lace dresses. Everything I can find is too wedding-like and I am not ready for that yet. I am looking something to just go out on a nice day.

Cool idea

I have absolutely no idea what is supposed to demonstrate, but I like the idea of mixing up things like that.

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