Leaving late

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It was the very beginning of my sugaring when I first had a chance to leave late. I mean we had a date, a lovely place with some wine (I so much needed it then to calm down) and then had a (hopefully) remarkable time together. But then I felt like leaving. There was no reason to stay really. All I could get was a breakfast in the morning and I just did not feel like it. Besides I prefer to sleep in my own bed.

So I opted to ask if I can leave. He said yes and yet I felt like betraying him. At first the feeling was so strong I nearly decided to stay, but then I thought I should avoid more sex tonight so I convinced myself to go. Continue reading “Leaving late”


Good morning sex

How do you usually wake up? How do you feel? What do you like to do? What is it like?

There is one thing that I still have not made up my mind about. Morning sex. I mean it is nice and fresh if you can wake up. Otherwise it turns into a nightmare when you are trying to get yourself in one piece knowing that you also have to perform. Weird.

I am more of a night person. So I’d rather have a wonderful evening culminating with sparkling sex. Or whatever Daddy finds appropriate. Still I am more active at night. Yet there are inevitable cases when we do stay overnight. I had a few dates when I left late at night, but honestly (and I do hope you will not misunderstand me) I prefer to get some rest after I offer myself to him.

So alas. We are waking up. And when he he sleepy and not willing to get to action I am fine. Or when this action is limited to caressing me and bringing coffee. This is what I am fine too. But if he is an early bird, I am struggling. Sure there is no real trouble. It has nothing to do with being woken up by the dick inside myself. Not that bad, of course.

But an immediate action is a struggle. Last time I Continue reading “Good morning sex”

How about harness?

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There has been many things I thought of to impress my man. Most of the lingerie I choose for the purpose is kind of airy and light thus provoking the wish to take it off.

There is another option I thought of. Something on the other ‘brutal’ side. It seems it requires a different approach and totally different behaviour. In my understanding it is not supposed to be taken off, but needs to leave enough access for whatever is planned. Continue reading “How about harness?”

The match?

Is this (suddenly) the bra to go with the dress?

Interesting how the designers go along the same lines. I am sure the two who made these items have never heard of each other.

Oral continued

Apart from the physical troubles in the beginning there were some emotional barriers. Most were based on the wrong perception of classical sex as well as oral when the teenage girls were first discussing it. While having sex was generally considered a prize we award our men, sucking their penis was a step down from the throne for us. It was a wrong approach, but so deeply implemented… Continue reading “Oral continued”

Offering: 3 for 2

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Offering myself is one of the hardest thing in sugar roleplay for me.

I have already written that we grew up thinking of ourselves as of princesses, so having men assessing me openly feels weird. We all knew they do. Glancing quietly regardless of what they imagine deep in their minds.

Yet sugar dates may be different. The Daddy wants a classy Baby. And he is willing to check if everything is to his taste. I have been asked to twist and turn a million times, caressed and patted just to make sure he will be satisfied.

It is kind of humiliating and out of people I know only a minority are doing that, but when they do I feel like a cow in the market. I have never been asked to be milked, but sometimes I suppose I am as close to it as I can get.

Get ready

This is just a teasing picture only slightly relevant to the one I have been shown. For the reasons of not being banned here I am not showing the original, but the idea was so weird that I thought I need to speak it out.

Basically we had a normal date with the Daddy: great food, good laugh, easy talks. I am usually more of a listener (which is why it is a challenge to write here), but this time he asked a few things about my past and I babbled about my dancing and sports past. There is no secret about it generally. This is not really the kind of relationship where a man is interested in your life.

I did not notice it then, but he was impressed. Some time later when we were resting Continue reading “Get ready”


Well, since the post about my blowjob habits has been so successful and many have asked the same question, I feel obliged to answer.

Why is it so difficult for me?

I shall probably start with a disclaimer that it is purely my own experience and I probably am the only living sugar baby having so my troubles with sucking their Daddy. Still I am what I am. Would be delighted to hear from fellow SBs or anyone who had the same feelings if you managed to get over it (or if not – come along too). Continue reading “Blowjob”

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