Fetish date

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Do you think I can go on a date like this or is it over the top? I used to wear some kinky latex skirts and some latex lingerie for personal occasions, but never a full outfit pretending to look like a non-fetish one. Skirts are like that, but they are only a part of the overall outfit and once I thought it was showing too much, I could try to cover it by the top or something like that. In addition, tight skirts are pretty common nowadays so it wasn’t a big deal really to have my butt highlighted by it.

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Furry cuffs

A funny mixture for me. Playful and pretending to be hard at the same time. It is like a pink flogger maybe, although I never tried that one.

Naked power

I somehow like this feeling. It was strange at the beginning, but I am even enjoying it now. Being (almost) naked while my man is still fully dressed.

It gives me a feeling of tender strength. I am unprotected and vulnerable, but it is exactly what makes men feel strong and protective.

Butt plug

Having it inserted during a classical intercourse is probably as close as you can possibly get to a threesome without actually involving a third partner.

Another corset

I am not sure it is called corset (I am terrible at this), but I like the idea. When we think of a corset though, we or at least me, often think it is something hidden and covered. If it is not hidden, it is a huge attraction and an enormous teaser.

This one is simple and cute. Yet still so sensual… Agreed?

Knickers type

Oh and following the last post let us get back to the topic. While I admit this is a bit (a lot in fact) distracting, I still can’t find anything better to illustrate the question. Just look down. No, not at yourselves!

Just their knickers. Left or right? Tight or loose? I’d personally stick to the left, tighter and almost invisible under any dress ones, but my Daddies almost always prefer the other one.

Any suggestions why?


I had it again today. Someone totally getting into something that is none of their business. Being arrogant and intrusive. Telling me what to do and who should I care about.

Get off! It is because of you I am not telling too much back at home. It is because of you someone still thinks that someone else has the right to tell me who to love, who to sleep with, who to have sex with and how.

I will take care of that myself!

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