Lace dress

Can anyone (girls probably) suggest any place to look for lace dresses. Everything I can find is too wedding-like and I am not ready for that yet. I am looking something to just go out on a nice day.

Fetish date

Image from pinterest

Do you think I can go on a date like this or is it over the top? I used to wear some kinky latex skirts and some latex lingerie for personal occasions, but never a full outfit pretending to look like a non-fetish one. Skirts are like that, but they are only a part of the overall outfit and once I thought it was showing too much, I could try to cover it by the top or something like that. In addition, tight skirts are pretty common nowadays so it wasn’t a big deal really to have my butt highlighted by it.

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Another corset

I am not sure it is called corset (I am terrible at this), but I like the idea. When we think of a corset though, we or at least me, often think it is something hidden and covered. If it is not hidden, it is a huge attraction and an enormous teaser.

This one is simple and cute. Yet still so sensual… Agreed?

Old fashion returns

Does anyone remember this old fashion? Having a see-through top where your bra is intended to be visible… The one above is not that bad in fact. The first thing I had when I was asked to dress like this was a bright red bra, which was not intended to be publicly seen.

Although the more modest approach can be teasing. What do you think? Shall I say yes to the Daddy suggesting that?

Outer wear quiz

Image from pinterest

Let us move further then, shall we? How about outer wear? What is the best option to go out? Please do not suggest transparent dresses – they are not suitable for a date outside private premises…

One more button?

It is funny to remember how I was struggling to reveal my sexuality. It was a choice between safety and exposure and I went for safety. Then I knew that good girls do not do that and I tried to not attract attention. Sexy stuff was kept for private occasions.

The sugar bowl taught me to exploit that. Daddies are (almost) always eager to have a classy and attractive girl at the very edge of what is accepted. Here come the deep cuts, tighter skirts, higher heels and yes, a few extra buttons undone.

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Extra short skirts

Yes, I have been told to wear those. It was for ‘everyone to see who’s got the best girl here’. It was as I called it later ‘village porn’, but he had reasons to demand. He said ‘they must be rock hard when you appear, but know you only belong to someone else’. Gosh. Having to excite youngsters and not give them any real way to release their desire was tricky. They had to wait until their girlfriends help them or, well, let us be fair, I think a short visit to the toilet was a lot more common than needed by nature.

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Family look

I wonder what happens if I go out like that with my girlfriend? It is very likely to be totally acceptable now (forget about the weirdos), but I can’t even imagine what kind of reaction it would have caused if we appear like this where I grew up.

It was (and still is) a purely heretosexual society. Very sexist and Continue reading “Family look”

Kinky lingerie

I remember the shock I had when I saw the lingerie menĀ  are so keen about. All these push-up bras, stockings and so on. Of course this was not all at the same moment, but the more I discovered, the more surprised I was.

My first ‘relationship’ involved pretty standard teasing sets: lace, stockings, heels, tight dresses – these kinds of things I would probably call more or less usual. Wearing some was a challenge – I think I have already mentioned that, but I am not yet sure it was interesting. I even used some items to avoid wearing others.

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