This is something I quite like in fact. High on hips and plenty of tease. The top part leaves some space for imagination, but I like the way it allows access from underneath. I can easily imagine my man to come from behind and slide his hands to my boobs like that…

It is always great to know what you can do, huh… Need to find that one.

Size matters

It is a hard feeling still. Sometimes I am puzzled how does all that manage to hide inside me. Yes, I am sorry for not speaking straight. It is difficult sometimes.

I really am surprised that some of my partner’s cocks are fully in. I mean I understand how it works, but hey, it is still huge. Some almost reach my belly button on the outside. The Daddies are not a problem here. They never have anything too large for me and the biggest problem has been to get used to anal. Continue reading “Size matters”

Naked power

I somehow like this feeling. It was strange at the beginning, but I am even enjoying it now. Being (almost) naked while my man is still fully dressed.

It gives me a feeling of tender strength. I am unprotected and vulnerable, but it is exactly what makes men feel strong and protective.

Butt plug

Having it inserted during a classical intercourse is probably as close as you can possibly get to a threesome without actually involving a third partner.

One more button?

It is funny to remember how I was struggling to reveal my sexuality. It was a choice between safety and exposure and I went for safety. Then I knew that good girls do not do that and I tried to not attract attention. Sexy stuff was kept for private occasions.

The sugar bowl taught me to exploit that. Daddies are (almost) always eager to have a classy and attractive girl at the very edge of what is accepted. Here come the deep cuts, tighter skirts, higher heels and yes, a few extra buttons undone.

Continue reading “One more button?”

Family look

I wonder what happens if I go out like that with my girlfriend? It is very likely to be totally acceptable now (forget about the weirdos), but I can’t even imagine what kind of reaction it would have caused if we appear like this where I grew up.

It was (and still is) a purely heretosexual society. Very sexist and Continue reading “Family look”

Unusual view

Have you ever done that? Leave alone the question who were the parties?

I personally never did it with a woman, but numerously with a man (not only the SD). Girls are more straightforward in this respect, I’d say. If I had to choose, I’d go for an indirect approach to a man and very straight and honest with a woman.

Kinky lingerie

I remember the shock I had when I saw the lingerie menĀ  are so keen about. All these push-up bras, stockings and so on. Of course this was not all at the same moment, but the more I discovered, the more surprised I was.

My first ‘relationship’ involved pretty standard teasing sets: lace, stockings, heels, tight dresses – these kinds of things I would probably call more or less usual. Wearing some was a challenge – I think I have already mentioned that, but I am not yet sure it was interesting. I even used some items to avoid wearing others.

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