Size matters

It is a hard feeling still. Sometimes I am puzzled how does all that manage to hide inside me. Yes, I am sorry for not speaking straight. It is difficult sometimes.

I really am surprised that some of my partner’s cocks are fully in. I mean I understand how it works, but hey, it is still huge. Some almost reach my belly button on the outside. The Daddies are not a problem here. They never have anything too large for me and the biggest problem has been to get used to anal. Continue reading “Size matters”

Fetish date

Image from pinterest

Do you think I can go on a date like this or is it over the top? I used to wear some kinky latex skirts and some latex lingerie for personal occasions, but never a full outfit pretending to look like a non-fetish one. Skirts are like that, but they are only a part of the overall outfit and once I thought it was showing too much, I could try to cover it by the top or something like that. In addition, tight skirts are pretty common nowadays so it wasn’t a big deal really to have my butt highlighted by it.

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Knickers type

Oh and following the last post let us get back to the topic. While I admit this is a bit (a lot in fact) distracting, I still can’t find anything better to illustrate the question. Just look down. No, not at yourselves!

Just their knickers. Left or right? Tight or loose? I’d personally stick to the left, tighter and almost invisible under any dress ones, but my Daddies almost always prefer the other one.

Any suggestions why?

Teasing knickers

Most of Daddy’s requests if they concern lingerie, tend to lean towards more exposing and open options. I, on the contrary, prefer something more useful and, yes, protecting. So it is often a struggle. Not too harsh though – loosing the Daddy because of the knickers I do not want to put on is stupid. Especially after what I have done before.

Anyway, there seem to be a compromise like above. Daddy still thinks it is sexy. I love the lace and how it draws attention to my hips. They are also quite comfortable and… huh… I like them to disappear between my buttocks.

Old fashion returns

Does anyone remember this old fashion? Having a see-through top where your bra is intended to be visible… The one above is not that bad in fact. The first thing I had when I was asked to dress like this was a bright red bra, which was not intended to be publicly seen.

Although the more modest approach can be teasing. What do you think? Shall I say yes to the Daddy suggesting that?

One more button?

It is funny to remember how I was struggling to reveal my sexuality. It was a choice between safety and exposure and I went for safety. Then I knew that good girls do not do that and I tried to not attract attention. Sexy stuff was kept for private occasions.

The sugar bowl taught me to exploit that. Daddies are (almost) always eager to have a classy and attractive girl at the very edge of what is accepted. Here come the deep cuts, tighter skirts, higher heels and yes, a few extra buttons undone.

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Kinky lingerie

Most of the kinky lingerie and other items are aiming to shift and attract attention to a particular point. In my experience the most attractive are, of course, boobs, which can be relatively easy to show in a less private surrounding. Most of the kinky lingerie should obviously be kept for a private part of the date.

I am not talking about the more standard features like the stockings and heels. These are sort of mandatory I am afraid, upon entering the sugar bowl.

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Push up bras

The slightly unexpected part of the outfit requirements was the need to emphasize the boobs by push-ups. I was not entirely comfortable with that at the start, but well, it seems kind of inevitable. The alternative option was to get the boobs made and I have been offered to do that a few times, but I am refusing it for now. I am pretty petite so I am quite happy with my own size and not looking to have DD in any way, although some Daddies were excited about the idea and would even gladly pay for that.

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Unusual view

Have you ever done that? Leave alone the question who were the parties?

I personally never did it with a woman, but numerously with a man (not only the SD). Girls are more straightforward in this respect, I’d say. If I had to choose, I’d go for an indirect approach to a man and very straight and honest with a woman.

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