Butt plug

Having it inserted during a classical intercourse is probably as close as you can possibly get to a threesome without actually involving a third partner.

One more button?

It is funny to remember how I was struggling to reveal my sexuality. It was a choice between safety and exposure and I went for safety. Then I knew that good girls do not do that and I tried to not attract attention. Sexy stuff was kept for private occasions.

The sugar bowl taught me to exploit that. Daddies are (almost) always eager to have a classy and attractive girl at the very edge of what is accepted. Here come the deep cuts, tighter skirts, higher heels and yes, a few extra buttons undone.

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Push up bras

The slightly unexpected part of the outfit requirements was the need to emphasize the boobs by push-ups. I was not entirely comfortable with that at the start, but well, it seems kind of inevitable. The alternative option was to get the boobs made and I have been offered to do that a few times, but I am refusing it for now. I am pretty petite so I am quite happy with my own size and not looking to have DD in any way, although some Daddies were excited about the idea and would even gladly pay for that.

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Kinky lingerie

I remember the shock I had when I saw the lingerie menĀ  are so keen about. All these push-up bras, stockings and so on. Of course this was not all at the same moment, but the more I discovered, the more surprised I was.

My first ‘relationship’ involved pretty standard teasing sets: lace, stockings, heels, tight dresses – these kinds of things I would probably call more or less usual. Wearing some was a challenge – I think I have already mentioned that, but I am not yet sure it was interesting. I even used some items to avoid wearing others.

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Ridiculous change

I know it is something weird and strange. I probably have to avoid sharing this, but… in the end of the day who cares… This was the purpose of this blog.

Basically, most of the dates I have are about having sex. Let us be fair and honest here. Long talks are cool, nice meals and cool places are exciting, but it all ultimately comes to offering my body.

Unlike vanilla relationships (and even less the girly ones) there is a highly demanding party and a highly compromising party. The Daddy can Continue reading “Ridiculous change”

Phone date

Now that we are all being locked, the feelings do not disappear. I never thought about doing so, but I have just spent almost all evening on the phone with Daddy.

It is very different from a real one, of course. However, he asked for it and I thought I can give it a try. Maybe this is what those girls do on the phone. We ended up me ordering some food and having a video chat. Continue reading “Phone date”


I personally prefer stay-ups to be fair. There is just too much hassle with the garter belt. Some men, however, seem to like these girly things when I have to spend a lot more time tightening, zipping, fixing things they never use.

Last time I was with the Daddy, we were getting ready to go out when I started to pull up stockings. He kept looking at it for some time (yes, I was provoking him) and then gave up and came to hug me. I knew stockings are always a big turn on for him so when he asked to keep them on while we were kissing and he took off almost everything I put on a few minutes before, this was not much of a surprise. Continue reading “Stockings”

Tiny dress

The most exciting thing for a man does not seem to be the availability of the prize, but the anticipation of it. I learnt that appearing naked in front of the Daddy is a lot less efficient than teasing him with the shortened dress or a lacy lingerie, which will only delay us for a short time, while empowering his lust and readiness to the extremes. Continue reading “Tiny dress”

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