Do not trespass

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Amazingly many people have come to this blog to teach me life without being asked for their opinion. I was kind of ready for this and it does not bother me too much. One of the commenters had apparently changed attitude and is now not so aggressive. This is great. Keep going, J.

There is another strange group however. They ask for my contacts, photos (preferably intimate) and offer a date (some go much further).

Dear all, I am not desperate, I am not starving for sex (and for anything else) and I am not looking for any adventures here. All this blog is for – communication and some mental support.

I thought it was pretty obvious from the start that neither I am planning to sell myself here, nor had any intention to give out names and addresses. I do feel comfortable telling you about myself from a distance. Surely you won’t like any of your intimate secrets revealed here and similarly I am never going to set up my SDs or anyone else involved by providing a link between us. I do hope that even if any of them find this blog one day, they won’t even guess who is writing it. Otherwise I will feel that I failed them, which I have no intention of doing.

So please stop asking me for nudes or arranging dates. Any questions and comments are welcome, but do not waste your time being aggressive.

Love and hugs.


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